Low rise activity station

Unweigh Suspension Mobility Trainer

Unweighing Suspension with gait trainer treadmill is a very potent and effective therapy which has been proven to help a wide range of conditions. This advanced trainer is used when a person is unable to support their own bodyweight or lacks the strength to support him/herself during assisted ambulation. It aids in gait pattern retraining, cardiovascular workout, enhances balance and upright posture. When it is used in combination with treadmill, it provides rhythmic input to reinforce coordinated, reciprocal movement of the legs. Research has shown physiological benefits of earlier initiation of exercises in the upright position and posture where in the past would be too difficult for the patient to do. Brain reorganization from the repetitive stimulation of the neural pathways through muscle patterns and walking facilitation Commonly used in patients who had an incomplete spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological as well as orthopedic conditions

Un-weigh Suspension Mobility Trainer - A scientific way to aid rehab

The activity station has a complete set of activities for enhancing various the motor activities. We have various activity aids to strengthen Pincer grasp, Finger isolation, Thumb opposition, Tripod grasp, Pincer grasp. Besides the grasps these aids help is improving the Hand-eye coordination, Bilateral coordination and Midline in

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March 16, 2017